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16 février 2010 2 16 /02 /février /2010 00:14

La goutte d'eau

PS: non la photo n'est pas moi.

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Ambre Verdon Ambre - dans Textes
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Denis 16/02/2010 14:49

it is true...the art is emotion. And the emotions are infinite. i have lived in the art since i was born (do you remember my father's work?).
And this have helped me to be more sensitive.
ps. i find that the writen french is more easy than the spoken french...and also i have a good dictionary :)

Denis 16/02/2010 12:09

i'd like to know your point of view of this poetry...
i tell you the mine...
the water drop is the life...a man's life.
from the beginning ...to the end...
the life is quick but beautiful and full of power and freedom.
I love the final sentence.
The world is changed by everyone that live free and intensely.

Ambre 16/02/2010 13:51

Well... as i wrote the poetry, i can tell you i wasn't really thinking about deep life's secrets, but only to the drop of water ^^ 
It is strange the way poetry and drawing can lead to different interpretations from one person to the other. But hey, this is the magic of art ^^ The most important is what YOU feel reading this.
It is what i like to hear from people looking to what i am doing.

And i am glad and very surprise you managed to read it and understand 'cause it's in french. I didn't know you were able to understand it ^^

Brigitte L. 16/02/2010 07:41

La photo est superbe et le texte aussi.Bonne journée!